Society Hill Playhouse Review

Society Hill Playhouse was founded by Deen and Jay Kogan in 1959. This theatre was considered as Philadelphia’s “off-Broadway” theatre. Contemporary American and European playwrights were on the stage. The populist comedies become the most popular list of productions.

The Writers Project began in 1962. It was dedicated to developing new productions. The stage performed outdoor presentations reaching either children or adults. Society Hill Playhouse was founded in the heart of the Society Hill District. This house was formerly settled by the historic former David Garrick Hall. The theater was closed on April 1, 2016.

society hill playhouse

The main stage includes two flights of steps (24 steps in total) up the second floor. Unfortunately, there is no elevator. Get acquainted with the main stage following this link –

Soon on the Main Stage Barbershop Quartet: A Magic Show. Read more here –

The action scene is taken place at John the Barber’s shop. This show performs conjuring tricks. It contains 4 astounding magical performers to entertain John and the audience.

Internationally acknowledged magicians Dan Hauss, Francis Menotti, Peter Pitchford, and Ran’D Shine perform conjuring tricks to create a whimsical, exciting, and truly magical story at the legendary Society Hill Playhouse in Philadelphia.

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This theater was very popular among citizens and tourists from all over the world. If you have no idea of how to reach this Society Hill Playhouse, you may see the page “Directions“. It displays the map and route you have to cover to reach this entertaining place. Even the description of parking is given there.

Many visitors would like to continue a pleasant evening in a comfortable atmosphere. The website you are surfing shows what restaurants are located near Society Hill Playhouse in Philadelphia. These restaurants will meet the requirements of every visitor to this theater.

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The Most Popular Stage Play – In the Red Room

This stage play was one of the most popular in Society Hill Playhouse. It united many citizens and tourists who had a great desire to watch this play. It was performed through December with performances every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 3 pm. Read more about this play here.