Top US Performing Arts Boarding Schools

June 15, 2021

Top US Performing Arts Boarding SchoolsUS Performing Arts Boarding Schools enrol either the boys/girls or provide the coeducation category. Thus, the schools below specialize in teaching students who become artists in various fields such as theater, visual arts, ballet and music.

These Best Performing Arts boarding schools in the United States were scored using many factors as criteria.

Besant Hill School

Located on 520 acres in the resort town of Ohai, this US performing arts boarding school offers a preparatory curriculum for a dogmatic college that explores creative expression, resilience, and diverse thinking.

Besant offers over 20 artistic electives, competitive and non-competitive athletics. At a student-to-teacher ratio of 4: 1, students are introduced to a travel and experiential learning curriculum.

Regardless of tuition fees, 38% of students at this art boarding school in the United States are eligible for some form of financial aid.

The number of students in this performing arts boarding school is 100.

Interlochen Arts Academy

This performing arts boarding school is the country’s first boarding school. Interlochen Arts Academy offers pre-professional training in music, theater, visual arts and creative writing.

In addition, students take lessons from a broad curriculum that prepares them for college and empowers them to express themselves in the arts and beyond.

This performing arts boarding school accommodates students in grades 9-12 and its curriculum allows students to invest in their chosen art form. It is interesting that the classes are taught by talented artist-teachers.

Thus, the entertainment scene is dominated by the students of this boarding school.

Walnut Hill Art School

Located in Natick, MA this performing arts school is considered one of the best in America for the quality of education it offers to students. Its boarding services are open to both men and women.

This performing arts school is enthusiastic about seeing students grow as bold artists, caring citizens, and inquisitive learners.

Founded in 1893, this school teaches students dance, music, theater, visual arts and writing.

However, students can also attend film and media art classes.

While 80% of its students have access to their boarding house, over 30% of them receive financial assistance based on their needs.

The Idyllwild Arts Academy

The Idyllwild Arts Academy is considered one of the best performing arts boarding schools and is designed to allow students to make the most of their abilities.

This boarding school is available to students in grades 9-12 and both male and female students can benefit from the educational services of this art school.

Founded in 1986, this boarding school for the performing arts has a unique dual curriculum.

Alabama School of Fine Arts

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a comprehensive school that provides college preparatory work for students to develop their talents.

In addition, the admission process to this school is quite competitive, as students are admitted strictly based on the results of tests, auditions, applications and interviews.

In addition, students at this art boarding school can pursue college preparatory education in six majors, listed below: Creative Writing, Dance, Visual Arts, Theater, Music, Mathematics, and Science.

St. John’s Academy

This performing arts boarding school offers over 200 courses that include visual and performing arts, languages, and more. As a coeducational school serving both pupils and schoolchildren, it is ranked as one of the best boarding schools in America.

It is known for its exceptional creative efficiency. This has made the students who graduate here to dominate the music industry.

Moreover, the student to teacher ratio is 12: 1, hence the reason for their outstanding performance.

Mississippi School of Art

Located in Brookhaven, this performing arts school teaches students in grades 11-12 in literary, visual and performing arts. It covers about 60 miles south of Jackson, Mississippi.

Buxton School

Buxton School is a renowned private boarding school located in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

It has 81 students in grades 9-12 with a student to teacher ratio of 4 to 1. Moreover, the tuition fee is app. $ 59,500.

Upon graduation, 100% of the students in this school continue their studies at a 4-year college. In addition, there are financial grants and scholarships available for deserving students who also need it.

Darrow School

Using a balanced curriculum, Darrow School prepares very high-performing elective students to help them grow their own passions.

Standing out as one of the top performing arts boarding schools, Darrow School is a coeducational school with facilities for grades 9-12.

Whitestone Academy

At WhiteStone, educational services provided to students are sculpted in such a way that they celebrate the individual enrichment that students have accumulated.

Providing a solid academic foundation, it encourages students to explore his or her passion both in and outside the classroom.

They also help students enjoy the real-world experience that makes learning come alive.

How much does it cost to attend a performing arts boarding school in USA?

First of all, there are a number of factors that affect the cost of tuition at these performing arts schools, especially in the United States.

So, the analysis shows that the cost of tuition in boarding schools in the United States ranges from $ 36,700 to $ 90,000 per year.

No matter how expensive boarding schools for the performing arts are, there is financial aid or loans available for the students who deserve them.

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